Trim-Line Services


At Trim Line we understand the various needs of our clients when it comes to electrical service. That’s why we employ electricians with experience in all areas commercial, residential and industrial. Our fully bonded staff can complete any project thrown our way. We are a BC Hydro Express partner which allows us to help you with energy efficient upgrades. The Hydro Express program provides rebates for a vast amount of energy efficient products. Contact us today for a free consultation.



If elegancy and class are what your company needs channel letters are the way to go. We can provide channel letters of the highest quality thanks to our advanced construction techniques. We will work with you through out the design and construction phases to ensure your company has the product to put its best look forward. Contact us today for your free quote!


Window Tint

Vehicle window tint has been a staple at trim line for over 30 years. We have the most advanced techniques and experienced staff to get the job done right. Over the years we have used Llumar films to complete all our vehicle projects. The films we offer for vehicle tint have always been Llumar films. Customers can feel great with Trim Line and Llumars combined limited lifetime warranty against bubbling peeling and fading. If you are looking to get your vehicle tinted look no further than Trim Line as we are second to none!