About Trim-Line

Our History

In 1978, Bob and Laurie Nicholson ventured into the sign business and purchased franchise rights with Trim-Line. Trim-Line was a new direction in the graphics business as vinyl was pushing forward to take over the ‘paint or air brushing’ direction. 3M vinyl continued to thrive throughout the years as consumers realized the value of crisp, smooth, and consistent results. Vinyl was ideal for vehicles and signage and solidified it’s place in the market place quickly.

Throughout the years, Trim-Line Sign Crafters continued to thrive and expand on their services to include fabrication, router, large format printing, wood signs, creative services, and more. As our experience and expertise flourished, so did our client base. Today we work with a great community of individuals for personal requests, along with most of the business community in Prince George and Northern British Columbia.

Committment to Quality

Our industry is a pretty competitive one. Not only is there growth in competition with our market place, there is also growth in inferior products.

Trim-Line Sign Crafters primarily uses quality 3M products, but we also use other products once we have tried and tested it beforehand. Unfortunately using quality product is more expensive, but the finish and lifespan of what you are getting is not comparable.

Trim-Line Sign Crafters has extensive experience in our corner as we have been creating signs and vinyl graphics for over 35 years. This experience helps us takle the unique, and helps us plan properly what is needed to make your build one without issues. We continue to expand on our experience with every project. We also continue to strengthen our knowledge with special training and certifications.